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Turf Clan Governance

Clans are internally self governing. Each clan has an overlord elected by the members. The overlord is responsible for controlling who is a member of the clan, the promotion/demotion of members, production of clan webpage and the clan finances. The clan overlord may be removed at any time if over 50% of the recently seen members of the clan express a lack of confidence through the voting system.

The Gods of Turf reserve certain limited powers over clans which are as follows:

New Clans
The Gods determine if and when a new clan will be created. The normal criterion for doing so will be that the clan form a list of active players who wish to join from day one and ensure that those people join quickly and remain active. It is also the belief of the gods that for all clans to be able to succeed there should not be too many clans compared to the number of active players on the game in general.
Inactive/Unwanted Clans
Clans are intended to benefit groups of players who actively play the game. That is not to say that it is unacceptable for a clan to have inactive players in it, but there should be at least a few active players in a clan and clans should certainly not be entirely inactive or have only one or two active players. It is expected that largely inactive clans will try to increase their membership to include more active players. Generally an unwanted clan is viewed to be an inactive clan whose overlord expresses a wish to have the clan removed. In the event of a clan being inactive or unwanted the gods will post a note to the membership of the clan for comments. If it is the view of the gods that there are probably too many clans in existenence then the gods will most likely remove the clan. If there are relatively few clans and other people who want to run a clan the gods will recommend that a deal is reached to enable some form of takeover. Ultimately the gods recognise the overlord as speaking for the clan and the clan should vote to remove their overlord if this is not a representative view.
Clan Mergers
It is sometimes the case that clans wish to merge to form a more powerful single clan. The gods achieve this by removing a clan and allowing the members of that clan to immediately join the other clan. In order to achieve this the overlord of the clan which will be removed must announce the intention to their membership in a note which must remain for at least a week to allow people not in favour to remove the overlord by voting no confidence. It is then the responsibility of the overlord of the other clan to initiate all the members of the removed clan. The highest of the two clan scores will be preserved.
Clan Renaming
It is possible for the gods to rename a clan, however it is expected that the clan will have a good reason to make the request. Reasons could be a merger of two clans, or a takeover of an old and defunct clan. Any rename should be requested by the overlord and the clan members have the opportunity to vote no confidence if this is not a representative view. Clans requesting a name change will be expected to show a considerable commitment to the new name by producing new clan locations and producing a clan website based on the new name.
Clan Websites
The gods provide space on the turf.org server for clan websites. Certain restrictions exist on the material which may be published on such sites and the gods will be happy to explain what is and is not allowed.

Active Players

Firstly an 'active player' must be a unique living individual (so other characters under the control of the same person in the same clan will not count as additional 'active players').

To be counted the character must play an active role within the clan:

  1. Primary characters will be seen to be playing an active role if they are on the game on a regular basis (at least weekly), and actively do something (i.e. not idling). Primary characters that sign on for a brief period once a week are unlikely to be viewed as active.
  2. Secondary characters will be seen to be playing an active role if they are on the game on a regular basis (at least weekly), and actively engage in playing the game (ie gain experience, explore etc). Secondary characters that sign on for a brief period once a week are unlikely to be viewed as active.

Players with a good track record who on ocassion are absent for a couple of weeks will be included in the counting of active players in a clan.

Where a player has several characters within a clan those characters will be examined collectively to determine whether the player is active within the clan.

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