news archive 11-07-01
Clan Spyder remains number one of the Turf Clans. The rate of player killing has decreased due to recent restrictions in Turf. However, the rate of player stealing has increased to compensate. As always, we remain on the lookout for new members who exhibit levelling potential.
Alf, Returning Overlord. 6-13-01
Recently, Pawn has taken over as overlord, and several promotions have been made. We have been fighting non-stop with LOD, off and on with TKDire, and most intensely with NO for a few days. We have claimed many enemy lives and are yet to be defeated. We are not recruiting, but we will accept another Hero if he wishes to join our elite force.
Pawn 4-01-01
Spyder is currently the top clan on the Turf MUD. We like to kill mobiles, and especially other clan members. Recently we have been fighting TKDire, with a few kills of Starman, and NO has just voted for killing, so we hope to soon kill some of their members too. We are recruiting players, and but would like to initiate some higher level players, preferably heroes. We have a clan area and modified rewards for gaining promotions.
Pawn & Alf