Top Total Clan Scorers

This table shows the total estimated number of experience points gained by each clan member whilst affiliated with their clan. Under Turf's clan-scoring system, each player's experience gain is divided by the number of members in their clan at the moment of scoring. However, recovering the total experience gain from the clan score is more complicated than multiplying by the number of clan members, because the clan populations are constantly changing. This estimation takes account of these membership changes and is only an estimate in so much as that the precise moment at which these changes occured is known only to the nearest page reload.

Individual Clan Scores

1) Thrud - 0 (Burn)    

Overall Clan Scores

Clan Total Score
Burn 0


Clan Colour
The background colours of the cells in the above table represent the clan with which that player is affiliated, according to the table shown to the right. Any change in a player's ranking since five days ago is represented by an arrow beside their name, along with a number to indicate the net number of ranks that person has risen or fallen during that period.