TkBoom has a long history, reaching back to the earlier days of Turf clans. It was started by Lace, naming it after TKTurf and the expected level of ability of its members to make the name TKDire. TKDire quickly built a reputation as a fun clan, which was proud of its status as a player killing clan, a reputation it keeps to this day. Little information has survived from those legendary days, but TKDire were forged in the fires in which the earliest clans were made.

However, like the Greek golden age these great days of early Turf ended. Lace and the other original members of TKDire became idle, and one by one this inactivity claimed them. In these dark days new Overlords were chosen as the first clan member to become active after the old Overlord idled out of the clan, and it was in this manner that a young clansman called Starman found himself promoted to this most powerful position.

He quickly set about rebuilding the clan, recruiting new members to replace the old and training them in the arts of player combat. It was inevitable, however, that inexperienced players would stand little chance against the great heroes of other player killing clans such as Spyder, then the most powerful clan on Turf and set up by players who considered joining TKDire and thus it's traditional rivals.

Reorganisation of the clan system allowed recruitment from exiled clan members, and Starman took the opportunity to recruit a disaffected member of Spyder known as YogSothoth. This new member quickly proved his ability at killing both mobiles and players and advanced quickly through the ranks.

Starman, continuing his wise decisions on behalf of the clan, observed the drive of this young mortal, perceived it's power and commitment to TKDire's cause and realised that here was a worthy successor. He resigned his postion as Overlord and advised the members to vote for YogSothoth, although low morale had caused them to idle like Lace's generation.

The new Overlord at first found recruitment difficult, due to the dominance of Spyder, but found a solution, presiding over the first clan merger on Turf. This brought together TKDire and rival player killing clan Boom as the renamed gestalt called TKBoom.

This proved vital for both clans. As other struggling clans were removed due to lack of members TKBoom slowly revived its fortunes. Young players that were to become mighty heroes were recruited, including such names as Flik and Splat, now seen close to the top of the heroes' league. With these players and other eager young clansmen aiding YogSothoth TKBoom started a surge up the clan table that has yet to be matched in the modern age. Established clans, such as OMKS and LOD found themselves unable to keep up with TKBoom's rate of scoring. The more powerful Boot resisted for longer, but eventually accepted defeat and merged with Spyder to become Burn.

TKBoom's new success continued and briefly they threatened Burn, before several members, including Flik, left suddenly. This setback halted TKBoom's advance abruptly and after some time YogSothoth resigned and leadership was given to the now legendary Splat.

Who can tell what lies round the corner for TKBoom under this new Overlord? Surely with YogSothoth to aid him success in conquering Turf cannot be far ahead.

Yog Sothoth
Third Overlord

If you hear a Tk-tock,
don't go boom, RUN!