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Introduction to the Clan

So, you've been playing Turf for a while, you've just got past level 15 and suddenly people start asking you to join their "clan". What does being in a clan mean, and which of these over-enthusiastic but well-meaning recruiters should you take any notice of? In order to answer these many questions, we at TkBoom have put together a short document describing many of the features common to the Turf clans and those unique to TkBoom. We want to make TkBoom the best clan on Turf, and hope you will too.


Teamwork and Comraderie

First and foremost a clan is a team. Clan members strive for the common good of their clan in a number of categories - score, finance, membership levels and simply enjoying themselves. Some players find Turf quite a hard game and appreciate the encouragement and assistance that fellow clan members offer. Others enjoy taking part in the friendly rivalry and heckling between rival clans. TkBoom membership is open to all players of level 15 or higher other than those who have recently been members of other clans. (These restrictions are Turf rules that apply to all clans).

Rivalry and politics

The clan system promotes rivalry and competition amongst the different factions. Over time, several clans have forged alliances with TkBoom whilst others have become our enemies, primarily due to excessive PK and other acts of agression against us.

Each clan has a "Wartalk" communication channel similar to the immortal "immtalk", where clan members can take part in exclusive discussions out of earshot or rival clans.

Clan area

Each clan is able to contribute to the "Clan Locations" area, and can have any of a number of special clan-specific features such as a recall site seperate from those of other clans, a healer and donation bin. The TkBoom clan area (based on a medieval castle) is still in the process of being constructed, and we are particularly interested in recruiting builders to assist in this work.

Financial and material benefits

Many of the clan areas include some sort of donation bin in their clan area. TkBoom's donation bin is a large metal skip originally used by our castle construction workers. Rather than keeping objects in your inventory as you go adventuring in Turf, where they can be easily be lost due to death or theft, you can use the "donate" command to send them back to the skip. Items in the skip can be removed only by members of the clan that owns it. Spare items can be made use of if you are in need of equipment or sold to raise money. Any unclaimed equiptment in the TkBoom skip will be sold periodically and the funds given to our castle construction project.

All clans have accounts with Turf Bank, allowing them to pool their financial resources to aid the needy, purchase the best weaponry and armour or just parade their wealth in front of their rivals. Unlike money stored on your person, the contents of the clan bank account are safe from theft by rival clans or mobiles such as Robin Hood. Turf bank has a number of different types of account, some of which have financing (subject to status), withdrawal limits or taxation rates.

All clans offer limited edition armour and other equipment items awarded on admission into the clan and on promotion. TkBoom merchandise includes high quality commemorative mugs, shields and rings.

Democracy at work

Though clans are nominally run by their higher ranks under the leadership of the overlord, whether or not the clan takes part in player stealing and player killing (also called PK and PS for short) is determined by a secret ballot of the clan members. Clan members also have the option of voting confidence/no confidence in their overlord. A vote of no confidence will result in the overlord being deposed and an election taking place.

Player killing and stealing

Player killing and stealing are somewhat controversial aspects of clans. Members have a free vote on whether or not their clan takes part in killing, stealing or both. As stated above, members have a free vote on whether the clan takes part in either, and are able to change their vote so that the clan changes from one policy to another and back.

PK and PS add a new dimension to the game - for both the hunter(s) and the hunted! Enjoy the thrill of the chase against wily and lightning-fast opponents more devious than any mere mobile. Success against the odds is rewarded generously - there are known cases of TkBoom members gaining over 1000xp for a single player-kill.

TkBoom has traditionally always been a PK and PS clan as a show of strength and bravery, though we have seldom used these abilities other than in defence of our lives and honour. We sometimes have periods during which we are non-PK/PS in order to allow our lower-level members to train and play other aspects of the game without fear of recrimination.

Competitions and Special Activities

Competitions and clan activities are run from time to time for your enjoyment and to select members for promotion. Past activities have included hunting down renegade players, collecting severed body parts and exploration in addition to more placid pastimes such as collecting magic fish and growing herbs to make potions.

Clan Web Pages

Each clan has been allocted space on that they can use to promote their cause. A number of links to rival clan pages can be found at the bottom of this document.

Several of the clans including TkBoom offer exclusive members-only access to additional content on their web sites. TkBoom's members-only area includes detailed statistical analysis of clan performance and comparisons with rival clans, a discussion forum and a little introductory information about combat tactics in PK (player killing) scenarios.

Clan Rankings

Several higher ranks of clan member are available, namely the overlord, chieftain, subchiefs and clanheros. The criteria for advancement varies considerably from clan to clan, but is often a combination of bribery, being a friend of the overlord, seniority and perceived "contribution" to the wellbeing of the clan.

Under the present management, TkBoom ranks are awarded based on a combination of a need for a player in a higher-ranking position and merit. "Permanent" rankings are usually awarded through bravery in combat or victory in tournaments and competitions. Transient or "acting" roles (in particular that of acting chieftain) are sometimes given in order to fulfil a vacancy or to make room for newly promoted members of other rank. These are typically awarded on the basis of seniority or suitability for the job. Players who do well in an "acting" role often get to keep some or all of their rank on a permanent basis.


We hope that you found this introduction into Turf clans and Clan TkBoom interesting and informative, and look forward to your future membership of a clan!

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