This is a provisional version of the clan rules following the TkDire/Boom merger, and may be subject to change. Clan members will be informed of any changes to the rules through the clan's note system and/or message board.

What TkBoom is About...

TkBoom is a non-player killing Turf clan. We expect this lapse in player-killing status to be brief.

TkBoom player kills for fun. This means that all parties must want to participate and it must be kept at a level that is fun for all involved. We only player kill those who belong to a player killing clan, preferably not a TkBoom member, although that does sometimes occur.

If you're serious about attaining ELITE status then membership of any player killing clan is probably not for you. It's very likely that player killers will die a lot and possibly dip below level thirty six from time to time.

Although we don't frown upon the killing of players below an individual member's level, please try to take into account the fact that the lower level character may want at least a fighting chance ... Perhaps you have some lower level characters who might like to join in the fun so that it's not limited to heroes beating up other heroes.

TkBoom Code of Conduct

We're not laden down with rules, but there are a few that we want to keep in the interests of fair play.

That's the lot. Pretty much anything else goes, but please use your common sense. If you think I've missed something out here, please let me know.

If you hear a Tk-tock,
don't go boom, RUN!