version2.09 2.09

Version 2.09
Addition of new command 'members', used to list clan members.
Possible to send a note to clan members using 'clan:<clan>' in the to field.
Wartalk no longer makes you visible and is not censored by language controls.
Psychic poses added.
Corrected the capitalisation of mobiles in room descriptions.
Clan information is provided by finger.
The command 'cwho' has been refined to provide better information.
Promoted members of clan are demoted automatically if membership falls.
Players are no longer awoken by the plague.
Experience loss on death always at least 5xp (except when at 1004xp or less).
Clan members gain xp for reasonable player killing.
Socials generally fixed up to be more consistent.
New enhanced location features.
Addition of 'Dalek' area.
Addition of 'Gallifrey' area.
Addition of 'Whittle and Hail Co.' area.
Addition of 'Space Station Krios' area.
Restriction placed on the number of notes to 'all' that a player can send.
Further additions made to Rickland (thanks Kano).

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