version2.20 2.20

Version 2.20
Weapons and items of armour can be worn regardless of level, but effectiveness
is related to proximity of player's to object's level.
Possible to buy objects regardless of their level.
Weapons and armour deteriorate if they can't be dropped or worn.
Earthquake reports less messages about the safety of others.
Newly created clan promotion and initiation items will never decay.
Scan correctly detects fallen heroes.
Starting player killing with spells re-allowed.
The 'order' command help text is now accessable again.
New clans get the bin in the Turf Tavern as the standard receptacle for cdonate.
Fixed the 'channels' command so that wartalk can be switched on and off.
Jetlag supports hours and minutes to allow more accurate setting.
Revamped 'orders', 'clans' and 'guilds' commands.
The 'claninfo' command now supports a clan argument.
New race 'draconian' added.
New area 'college' to replace beginners' area.
New area 'clan locations'.
New area 'Chestner'.
New area 'Blackpool'.
New area 'Toy Story'.
New area 'Wenley Moor'.

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