version3.60 3.60

Version 3.60 (24 Sep 2000)
Players may now run their own shops - see help shop.
Added new command 'shop'.
Added new command 'catalogue' - free for a limited time only.
Added voting issue 'confidence' - see help 'vote_confidence'.
Added voting issue 'elect' - see help 'vote_elect'.
Added new 'config' option 'shop'.
Added new admin command 'lag'.
Added new wizard command 'wstat'.
Entirely new weather system.
Output from 'inspect' skill is more sanely formatted.
'List' command keyword searching improved (search by type keywords added).
Warnings are now saved and visible to the recipient in 'finger'.
Deities and higher are informed when a newbie/lowbie connects.
Deny now lists entries in reverse order so new entries are at the bottom.
Many player ideas implemented.
Lots of bug and typo fixes.
Spyder's clan locations included.

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