version4.20 4.20

Version 4.20 (14 May 2002)
Chieftains may now initiate only one person per day.
Clan members must be initiated for three days before being allowed to vote.
The 'catalogue' and 'list' commands can now be asked to list
    items by the location of the body on which they are worn.
'equipment' now lists all body locations all the time.
Turf law enforcement officials come to the aid of shopkeepers.
Added a variety of new movement messages.
Added skill 'renew'.
Added command 'listen'.
Added 'config' option 'autovis'.
The 'help' command now allows searching.
Bursts of insight now last longer.
Contents of clan bins are now saved over reboots.
Drowning is slightly less dangerous and more realistic.
Fleeing from PK made less desirable.
Improved coronary care.
Shopkeepers now tout their wares.
Implemented many player ideas.
Fixed many bugs.
A few more socials.
Lots more typos fixed.

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