If you like acting, then the commands 'emote' and 'remote' are for you - 
they enable you to perform little cameo roles to anyone in your room, or 
to a specific person.

For instance:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> emote walks 1 1/2 miles to get to his terminal.

would give the response to all in the room you are in:

    Link walks 1 1/2 miles to get to his terminal.

Link would be your name.

As you can appreciate, plenty of fun can be had with these commands:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> emote pokes you in the eye.
\<20hp 100m 100mv\> emote runs off, screaming, into the distance.
\<20hp 100m 100mv\> emote pukes on your shoes!

The 'remote' command directs your acting talents at one individual:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> remote Mtf throws a custard pie in your face!

The 'reply' command will send a message to the last player to send you a 
tell.  This allows you to reply to invisible players (probably those 
raucous immortals messing about again!).

Finally, if you're in a group of players (more infomation on groups in 'help 
cooperating') you can use the 'gtell' command to broadcast a message to 
all the members of your team.

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