Because Turf is based on a talker, there are plenty of ways to
communicating with your fellow players.

Firstly, you can speak to someone in the same room by using the 'say' 
command - for instance:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> say Hello everyone!

If you want to speak to a particular person in private, use the 'tell' 
command.  No-one else will be able to hear you other than the person you
name.  In the case below it would only be Mtf

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> tell Mtf Please could you loan me 5,000 gold pieces?

For all you advanced conversationalists out there, there are 'channels' 
of information waiting to be piped to your terminal!  A channel is like a 
conference 'phone call - you can talk to anyone on Turf about the same 
subject, whether it happens to be the chat line, the drivel line, or 
even the 'yell down their ear' hotline!

To see which channels you're plugged into, type 'channels'.  To connect 
or disconnect yourself, use 'channels +' or 'channels -'.

For instance:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> channels+ drivel
\<20hp 100m 100mv\> channels -shout

There are seven channels, five of which you may use regularly.  They are:
'drivel' - used for general rubbish.  Players who abuse the other 
               channels may find themselves confined to this channel.
'chat' - for general chit-chat and gossip
'immtalk' - for those high-and-mighty immortal types
'question' - if you need some help
'shout' - sends a message to everyone in Turf
'yell' - a bit quieter, this talks to everyone in your current area.

The verbs you use to talk through these channels are the names of the 
channels themselves - for instance:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> question what is the key for?

However, there is another verb - 'answer'.  This allows you to reply to 
people over the question channel.  If, that is, you know what they're on 

If you wish to continue, try 'help advcom'.

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