bet betting claim odds

Syntax: odds
Syntax: odds \<character\>
Syntax: bet \<amount\> on \<character\>
Syntax: claim

The betting system is based on who will be top of the Heroes league in 5 days
time.  You have to make your prediction and place your bet.  Returning
after 5 days to collect your winnings.  Your winnings are guaranteed to be
held for at least 3 days.

The 'odds' command can be used to find the odds on a particular person or
on the top 15 Heroes by not specifying any particular person.

The 'bet' command is used to place a bet on a person.

The 'claim' command reports any winnings, or losses and details bets which
are still waiting to come in.

It should be noted that like all betting systems you get your winnings along
with your original stake.  So 100 coins at 1 - 1 will give a return of 100
coins plus the 100 staked.  So the return will be 200 coins.

If you are a mortal then to use 'bet' and 'claim' you must be in the Turf
Accountant's Office.

See also: help league

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