brandish quaff recite zap wand potion staff scroll

Syntax: brandish
Syntax: quaff    \<potion\>
Syntax: recite
Syntax: recite   \<scroll\> \<target\>
Syntax: zap      \<target\>
Syntax: zap

'Brandish' brandishes a magical staff.  'Quaff' quaffs a magical potion (as
opposed to 'drink', which drinks mundane liquids).  'Recite' recites a magical
scroll; the \<target\> is optional, depending on the nature of the scroll.
'Zap' zaps a magical wand at a target.  If the target is not specified, and
you are fighting someone, then that character is used for a target.

You must 'hold' a wand or a staff before using 'brandish' or 'zap'.  If you
are holding a scroll and do not wish to target it you may skip all arguments.

All of these commands use up their objects.  Potions and scrolls have a single
charge.  Wands and staves have multiple charges.  When a magical object has no
more charges, it will be consumed.

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