backstab bs charge kata kick disarm kill murder noogie piledrive strangle

Syntax: backstab <character>
Syntax: charge <character>
Syntax: disarm
Syntax: disarm <character>
Syntax: kata
Syntax: kick
Syntax: noogie
Syntax: piledrive
Syntax: strangle
Syntax: kill     <character>
Syntax: murder   <character>

'Kill' starts a fight, and, hopefully, kills something.  'Backstab' is another
way to start a fight, used by thieves.  'Bs' is a synonym for 'backstab'.

'Murder' is used to kill other player characters.  This command is restricted
to clans which have voted to engage in player killing or in arenas.

'Backstab' and 'charge' also initiate combat, but with added bonuses.  
Like 'murder' they can be used on both players and mobiles.

'Disarm' is an auxiliary fighting command to disarm your opponent.  Similarly,
'kick' will inflict more damage during combat by kicking, as will 'noogie',
'kata', 'piledrive' and 'strangle'.

In order to 'backstab', 'disarm', 'kick', 'noogie', 'kata', 'piledrive' or
'strangle' successfully, you must practice the appropriate skill.

See also: help it, help combat and help damage

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