So, you want to avoid getting hacked to bits by the monsters?  Well, 
here's a quick guide on how to beef up your character.  Firstly, you 
should really know how to check your statistics - this is done by using 
the 'score' command.

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> score

This will display a large list of bits and pieces - at the moment you 
should be interested in the five major statistics: strength, 
intelligence, wisdom, dexterity and constitution.  You can raise these by 
visiting the Tutor or Professor in the College area and using the 'train'

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> train wis

It's best to train wis and con first, because then when you improve a 
level, you get more benefits.

Training uses up part of your 'practice' allowance - again, this is shown 
in the 'score' list.

Once you're happy with those statistics, you can use the remaining 
'practice' allowances to learn skills such as spells, or specialised 
fighting attacks.  Typing 'practice' on its own allows you to see the 
skills that you are able to learn, and following 'practice' with the name 
of a skill will actually practice it - however, you must be with the Tutor
or Professor in the College area in order to do this.

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> practice armour

Each time you practise a skill, you become better at it, up to a maximum 
dependent on your level, class, and race.

For more infomation try 'help stats', 'help practice', and 'help train'.

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