buy list sell value

Syntax: buy   \<object\>                          [from \<shopkeeper\>]
Syntax: buy   \<pet\> \<name\>
Syntax: list  [level [level]] [keyword or type or worn:location]
              [from \<shopkeeper\>]
Syntax: sell  \<object\>                          [to \<shopkeeper\>]
Syntax: value \<object\>                          [to \<shopkeeper\>]

'Buy' buys an object from a shop keeper.  When buying a pet you can give
the pet a personal name by specifying it after the pet type.

'List' with no argument lists the objects the shop keeper will sell you.
Given one or two level arguments, 'list' will restrict matches to that
level or level range.  A name, item type or wear location may also be
specified, such as 'sabre' or 'weapon' or 'worn:head'.  See 'help
types' for a complete list of item types and 'help wear locations' for
a complete list of wear location identifiers.

'Sell' sells an object to a shop keeper.

'Value' asks the shop keeper how much he, she, or it will buy the item for.

See 'help shopping' for a more detailed help on using the Turf shops.

Please see 'help showlist' for details on manipulating your player list.

See also: help pets, help types and help 'wear locations'

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