Syntax: clans

This command lists all the currently existing 'clans'.

Membership of a clan is only allowed after reaching level 15.
You may only be a member of one clan.  If you are 'exiled'
from or 'resign' from your clan then you will have to wait 14
or 28 days, respectively, before joining another clan.

Clan members may vote on whether they wish to be involved in clan wars.
Higher ranking members have stronger votes, and only clan members seen in the
last 30 days count for voting purposes.  Player killing on Turf is restricted
to those who are members of clans.

Clan members may also vote on whether they wish to be involved in player

If a clan allows player killing or theft by players then this is indicated
by a K and S respectively in the clan listing.

See also: help claninfo, help deposit, help withdraw, help donate, help vote
and help clan scoring

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