Syntax: colconfig
Syntax: colconfig scheme
Syntax: colconfig scheme   \<scheme name\>
Syntax: colconfig preview  \<scheme name\>
Syntax: colconfig \<number\> [bold|flashing] \<black|red|green|yellow|blue|

'Colconfig' without arguments lists all the numbers of the options and their
standard colours.

'Colconfig' is used with arguments to change the colour of items on the

'Colconfig scheme' lists available schemes, while adding a scheme name to the
end of it will load that scheme.  Players are welcome to submit schemes to
the Turf administrators.  'Colconfig preview \<name\>' can be used to look at
the layout of a scheme before using it.

Colconfig can also be used to set individual items.  For example
'colconfig 0 red' would make all players come up in red and
'colconfig 1 bold blue' would bring up mobiles in bold blue.

For these options to be made use of you must first do: config +colour

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