If you intend to become a regular player on Turf, it's as well to know about 
the configuration commands - these allow you to set certain system variables 
so that next time you log on, your character is already set up in your 
favourite way.

The major commands to do this are the following:

Autoexit - This command shows you the exits to a room automatically.
Autoloot - Whether you automatically loot a corpse after you kill it.
Autosac  - Whether you automatically sacrifice a corpse after you kill it.
Blank    - Controls the printing of a blank line before your prompt.
Brief    - If this is set, you'll only see brief room descriptions.
Colour   - Whether or not your client supports ANSI colour.
Combine  - You'll see objects in combined format with this command.
Hitells  - If this is set, all tells to your player will be highlighted.
Prompt   - This controls whether you see a prompt or not.
Visit    - This controls whether people can visit you in your home room, if 
               you have one.
Snoop    - If this flag is set then supremes and above can start snooping on
           you, but you will be informed if they do so (see 'help privacy').

The above commands are toggles - use 'config +' to activate them and 
'config -' to deactivate them.

For instance:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> config +snoop
\<20hp 100m 100mv\> config -brief

You can also toggle some of these commands directly: for instance,

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> hitells on

Will turn hitells on.

                                 *  *  *

Something else you might be interested in ... if you are having problems in 
battle, and would prefer to flee before you get done in, then try this 
command - 'wimpy'.  Once this flag has been set, the computer keeps an eye 
on your hit points during battle, and if they drop below a critical number, 
you will automatically flee - hopefully preserving what remains of your life!

However, you do lose a few experience points when you flee - well, you are 
running away from a heroic battle, after all!

You can either pick your own minimum hit point level, or just typing 'wimpy' 
on its own will pick a level which is 20% of your maximum.

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