drivel chat . question answer shout yell system wartalk ?

Syntax: drivel   \<message\>
Syntax: chat     \<message\>
Syntax: question \<message\>
Syntax: answer   \<message\>
Syntax: shout    \<message\>
Syntax: wartalk  \<message\>
Syntax: yell     \<message\>

These commands send messages through communication channels to other players.

'Shout' sends a message to all awake players in the world.  To curb excessive
shouting, 'shout' imposes a three-second delay on the shouter.

'Drivel', 'chat', 'question' and 'answer' also send messages to all
interested players.  '.' is a synonym for 'chat'.  The 'question' and 'answer'
commands both use the same 'question' channel

'Yell' sends a message to all awake players within your area.

'Wartalk' sends a message to all members of your clan, order or guild.

'System' is a read only channel which provides information on signing on and
off, deaths and the like.

You can use the 'channels' command to hear, or not hear, any of these channels.

Certain channels also allow emoting, see 'help emote'.

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