drop get give put take throw

Syntax: drop  \<object\>
Syntax: drop  \<amount\> coins
Syntax: get   \<object\>
Syntax: get   \<object\> from \<container\>
Syntax: give  \<object\> to \<character\>
Syntax: give  \<amount\> coins to \<character\>
Syntax: put   \<object\> in \<container\>
Syntax: throw \<object\> \<direction\>

'Drop' drops an object, or some coins, on the ground.

'Get' gets an object, either lying on the ground, or from a container, or even
from a corpse.  'Take' is a synonym for get.

'Give' gives an object, or some coins, to another character.

'Put' puts an object into a container.

'Throw' throws an object in the given direction.

Commands 'drop', 'get' and 'put' understand the object names 'all' for all
objects, 'all.object' for all objects with the same name, and 'number.object'
for a single object of the given name.

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