drink eat fill hungry thirsty drunk hunger starving starve

Syntax: drink <object>
Syntax: eat   <object>
Syntax: fill  <object>

When you are thirsty, 'drink' something.

When you are hungry, 'eat' something.

'Fill' fills a drink container with water.

If you do not heed this advice then you your statistics will not recover as
quickly and you may eventually suffer damage.  Damage occurs so slowly that only
the truly negligent will ever die of hunger or thirst.

If you are drunk, you will not be able to eat & drink properly
(being a bit disoriented), your spell casting abilities may be severely
impaired, and your inherent resistance to magic could be reduced.

Hunger and thirst are dependent upon the temperature: colder weather will
require you to eat more food but drink less, whilst hot weather will require
you to drink more.

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