The editor is for manipulating bodies of text which are greater than one
line in length.

Lines not starting with '/' or '.' are inserted into the text.

The editor's commands are as follows.
  .del          - delete the current line
  .-            - go back a line
  .+            - go forward a line
  .view         - see what you've written
  .l            - view the current line
  .g            - goto a line
  .top          - goto the top
  .bot          - goto the bottom
  .wipe         - completely clear the buffer
  .stats        - show some stats about the buffer
  .help        	- show a copy of this help page
  .end          - quit the editor and KEEP the changes
  .quit         - quit the editor and THROW AWAY any changes

Lines starting with '/' will be executed as in-game commands.

See also: help mudftp

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