This mud incorporates the Psionicist class from EnvyMud 2.2, which
was created by the EnvyMud Staff.  EnvyMud is based on Envy 2.0, created
by Kahn, Thelonius, Kith, and Hatchet.

The Envy team would like to thank ...
  ... Zrin for administering the mailing list.
  ... the many implementors and contributors on the merc mailing list

  ... D'Sai, Elwyn, Averon, Fusion, Canth, Maniac, Vego, Rassilon,
      Cyanide, Judson Knott, LordROM, Kenneth Dugas, JKallie, Erwin A.,
      Derek Snider, Picard, Evii, Mystro, Dave Kaupp, JohnPaul, Zeke.
  ... AND the many players of EnvyMud for which this mud was created.

Share and enjoy.
The EnvyMud Staff

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