Okay, so you want to kill things.  It's perfectly natural - don't worry 
about it.  Just bear in mind this - they're not going to take it lying down!

Firstly, it helps if you have a weapon, so look around for a bit and 
scrounge what you can.  The 'wear all' command will go through your 
inventory and make use of anything it can, so once you've picked a few 
things up, type that to prepare yourself.

Can't find anything?  The College area contains a few bits and pieces 
including a broken croquet mallet - well, it's better than nothing...

Before you go leaping into battle, there's a useful command that you 
should get into the habit of using - it's 'consider'.  If there's a 
four-storey high dragon towering in front of you, it might not be wise to 
start stabbing at it with a toothpick - 'consider'ing your opponent gives 
you an idea of how many pieces you'll end up in.

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> consider spod

To start battle, type 'kill' followed by the name of the monster:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> kill student

Everything's automatic from then on, although you can cast spells and 
have extra attacks if you possess certain skills.  If the battle's going 
badly, you can try 'flee'ing or 'recall'ing, but you'll lose experience 
points.  Fleeing can be made automatic by the use of the 'wimpy' command.

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> wimpy

'Wimpy' will force you to flee if your hit-points level drops below 20% of
its maximum.

So - go get 'em!

See also: help combat, help damage, help death, help hitroll and help damroll

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