finance financing

Syntax: finance list   [clan name]
Syntax: finance add    <percent> [from <all|mobiles|players>]
                                 [for <object type | 'anything'>]
                                 [rank <clan rank>]
Syntax: finance remove <percent> [from <mobiles|players|all>]
                                 [for <object type | 'anything'>]
                                 [rank <clan rank>]

'Finance' allows your clan to finance the equipment purchases of its
players.  When a player goes to purchase an item for which there is a matching
policy the clan will automatically pay the specified percentage of the cost
involved with the gold coming directly from the clan bank account, providing
a theft-proof credit system.

'Finance list' will list the financing policies your clan currently has, or
those of the specified clan.

'Finance add <percent>' will add a financing policy at <percent>.  Optional
restrictions may be added.  The 'from' option restricts financing to items
bought from a specific type of shopkeeper - mobile or player.  The 'for'
option restricts what type of item the financing is available for (e.g.
'weapon').  The 'rank' option restricts the availability of finance to players
of at least the given rank.  The 'restricted' and 'unrestricted' options
indicate whether the coins should be limited by hourly withdrawl limits.

'Finance remove <percent>' will remove a financing policy for which all
options match exactly.

Note: The list of rules is automatically sorted to ensure that the most
      specific rules will come first.  The first matching rule is the
      rule which is used.  Any gold taken from the clan account in this
      way will be added to the amount withdrawn for that hour, regardless
      of whether that particular policy is limited or not.

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