follow group

Syntax: follow <character>
Syntax: group
Syntax: group <character>

The command 'follow <character>' starts you following another character.  To
stop following anyone else, just 'follow <yourself>'.

The command 'group <character>' makes someone who is following you a member of
your group.  Group members share experience points from kills and may use the
'gtell' and 'split' commands.  If anyone in your group is attacked, you
will automatically join the fight.

If the <character> is already a member of your group, then 'group' will
kick out the <character> from your group.  Characters can also leave your
group by using a 'follow' command to stop following you.

The command 'group' with no argument shows statistics for each character in
your group.

You may 'follow' and 'group' only characters who are within eight levels
of your own.

Heroes and Immortals are permitted to follow anybody.

See also: help groups

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