It is possible for a player to have a 'home room'.  Such rooms are set up
by the Gods of the world at their discretion.  Normally they will only be
granted to players of level 4 or above.  Should you wish to have a room then
please notify one of the immortals, and they will explain the procedure 
to you.

The following rules apply in a person's own room:
1) The owner of the room may choose who to allow in that room.
2) The owner can see all players who are in that room, regardless of level
   or invisibility.
3) The owner may 'boot' any person from that room.
4) The owner may allow or refuse visitors to that room, using 'visitable'
   and 'unvisitable', 'invite', 'key' and 'bar' (see relevant help texts).
5) The player may edit the room's description (see 'help roomedit').
6) Use of the commands 'home', 'visit' and 'leave', move you to and from
   home rooms.
7) The owner of the room may create links to the homes of other players
   using the 'link' command.

Your home will be created with a default name, if you wish to have this name
changed, please ask an immortal, who may change it for you, provided the new
name is acceptable.  The new name should include your name.  eg. 'Hiero's
Room', 'Pelopidas's Simple Place', etc.

Chatrooms are also provided for all players to use.

See also: help home and help chatroom 

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