Moving around Turf is simplicity itself - it's just avoiding getting 
killed by things that's the problem! 

Just use the normal compass directions, plus up and down, and you'll be 
roaming over Turf in no time.  That is, apart from the locked doors - to 
open those, you need the appropriate key, and then you can use the 
'lock' and 'unlock' verbs.  If finding the correct key proves difficult, you 
could always hone your lock-picking skills in the College area and try to 
break in - use the 'pick' command.

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> unlock chest
\<20hp 100m 100mv\> pick door

If you want to know which key opens a specific door, practise the 'scry' 

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> scry drawer

'Scry' will tell you what you need to open it.

'Open' and 'close' will, surprisingly enough, open and close doors or 
objects, but you can also specify a direction instead of a door - for 
instance, if the pearly gates are to your north, typing:

\<20hp 100m 100mv\> open north

Will let you in.

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