note notes

Syntax: note list
Syntax: note list \<number\>
Syntax: note list \<character\>
Syntax: note read \<number\>
Syntax: note read new
Syntax: note
Syntax: note remove \<number|'all'\> ...
Syntax: note send
Syntax: post \<recipient(s)\> \<subject\>

Many players have found that posting a note can be even trickier than going
up against even the toughest of mobiles.  It is with this in mind that we
write this section of the help text in hopes of making it a bit easier.

Here are some of the commands that you can use while posting or reading your

'Note list' lists notes which you can read.  You may also use 'note list' 
\<number\> in order to view all the notes from that number on.  The 'note list' 
\<character\> command, will show you all the notes from a certain character.

'Note read' reads one or all notes.  To just read the unread notes that 
you have simply type 'note' and it will show you your unread notes one by one.
'Note read new' will bring up all your new notes.

'Note remove' removes the entire note if you are the sender, or just removes
you from the to-list if you are a recipient.  Please remove any notes that
you have finished with and remember to clean up your notes to 'all' when
they are no longer applicable.  When considering sending a note to 'all'
please ask yourself if it would be more appropriate to send a note to

'Note send' posts your note for reading.  

'Post' will enter the subject and recipient lists, and place you directly in
the editor.  This is a shorthand form for a set of commands in the
'help notes2' section.  Note that in the \<recipient(s)\> field you may enter
in multiple recipients by entering in a list of comma separated names.

See 'help notes2' for additional commands.

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