novice newbie

Welcome to the world of Turf!  Don't be put off by the array of commands 
available to you - if you read the help text and you're prepared to make 
a few notes, you'll soon be at home here. 

Here's a list of the important groups of commands that you will need to 
play Turf - to read the helptext for each of them, just type the 
appropriate 'help' request.

help movement           Movement 
help bascom             Basic Communication
help advcom             Advanced Communication
help get                Getting objects
help look               Looking at things
help fighting           Fighting
help levels             Equipment use and level restrictions
help abbreviations      Abbreviations 
help configuring        Setting up your player
help aims               Aims of the game 
help build              How to build up your character
help cooperating        Co-operating with other players 
help helping            If you want to help the immortals
help origins            Origins of Turf 

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