The Oxford Mobile Killing Society admits players of hero level and beyond
into its ranks.  It unofficially started back in 1995 with a large group
of heroes wandering around Oxford in large groups attempting to kill the
shopkeepers (who had recently been raised to level fifty).  Needless to
say, a lot of people died that night, but a lot of fun was had too. Since
then, there have been numerous large groups wandering around the tougher
areas of Turf having heaps of fun in a chaotic way.  

With the introduction of Turf's clan code it has been possible to make
OMKS official.  We don't aim to be the biggest order in the game, nor do
we aim to be super-competitive.  The aim is to simply get out there and
have fun.  After all, that's what the game is about.

To join, get in touch with Mango or Orjan.  They are both able to enroll
new members and they can also answer any questions you might have.  Your
other characters can belong to whatever orders or clans they wish, and
they are quite welcome to join in our chaotic killing sprees.

OMKS also has a webpage containing potentially useful information at:

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