practice practise

Syntax: practise
Syntax: practise <level>
Syntax: practise <skill|spell>

'Practise' without an argument tells you your current ability level in all
the skills and spells available to you.  You can check this anywhere.  
The skills which have an asterisk (*) beside them, are the ones you can 
currently practice, at an appropriate place.  Skills marked with a plus (+)
after the percentage (%) sign have been practised to a higher level than is
curently shown; these skills have been reduced because of a fall in level.
(Note: a -1% implies that this skill is disabled.)

'Practise' with a numerical argument will show all skills or spells which you
have practised to at least that level of proficiency.

'Practise' with a spell or skill argument practises that skill or spell.
Your knowledge of a skill or spell varies from 0% (unskilled) to some maximum
between 65% and 95%, depending on your class and level.  You must be at a
guild master, or similar expert, to practise.

The higher your intelligence, the more you will learn at each practice
session.  The higher your wisdom, the more practice sessions you will
have each time you gain a level.  Unused sessions are saved until you
do use them.

See also: help train

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