It is the intention of this mud to provide privacy wherever possible without
spoiling the game.  As such all tells are private and cannot be seen, unless
an immortal is snooping on you.  Only Gods and Supremes are able to use snoop
and if they do start to snoop then you will receive a warning message to say
so.  However this will not occur unless you first authorise it, and is only
included to allow admin to assist lower level players who are having
difficulties, or to collate information in cases of harassment not directly
connected to the game.

Since this is a MUD and not a simple talker it is possible for characters to
go invisible, and for this reason a system of home rooms has been implemented.
You can see all other players who are in your home room, including invisible
immortals.  This is your place to do things completely in private without
being watched.  More information on home rooms is available using 'help homes'.

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