Turf questbox entails you finding the right object to put into the right
container.  To do this you must find both the container and object (obviously).
Often you will discover this type of quest by chance, but there will be signs
to point you in the right direction.

Just to make it a bit harder you have to complete the quest whilst you are
a certain level, indeed there may be more than one quest per level.  Just
look around and you are sure to find a quest if you look hard enough.

What do you get for completing a questbox?  Well normally an extra thousand
points or maybe more.  So what are you waiting for?  Get questing!

Note: Finding if/where a questbox exists, is part of the challenge in itself,
      so please don't waste your time asking immortals if there is a questbox
      for a particular level, or where to find it, or for any hints at all
      because they won't tell you.

See also: help questhunt

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