Quirks are given to any character who has accepted an advantage.  Quirks
become active upon reaching level 15.  Only one quirk will be active at
any one time, the quirk changes at levels 60 and 80.  The set of quirks
assigned does not change, you will not be aware what it is until it becomes

Amnesia:        forgets a practised skill occasionally
Berserker:      may be consumed with battle rage and not be able to flee
Bleeder:        takes extra damage when bleeding from many wounds
Clumsy:         randomly drops items occasionally - may not even notice
Deep Sleeper:   may not be woken
Fear:           flees when attacked by aggressive mobiles, and often has
                panic attacks when low on hit points
Loud:           can become visible from time to time
Sleepwalker:    sleepwalks occasionally
Slow Healer:    heals at 75% speed
Slow Learner:   gets a bit less xp for each kill

See also: help advantages

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