flee rescue retreat

Syntax: flee
Syntax: retreat <direction>
Syntax: rescue <character>

Once you start a fight, you can't just walk away from it.  If the fight
is not going well, you can attempt to 'flee', or another character can
'rescue' you.  (You can also 'recall', but this is less likely to work,
and costs more experience points, than fleeing).

If you lose your link during a fight, then your character will keep
fighting, and will attempt to 'recall' from time to time.  Your chances
of making the recall are reduced, and you will lose much more experience.

If you learn the skill then it is also possible to 'retreat' in a direction
which you specify, and possibly save some experience points.

In order to 'rescue' successfully, you must practice the appropriate skill.

See also: help combat

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