salestax 'sales tax'

Syntax: salestax \<percent\>

'Salestax' is used by clan Overlords to set their clan sales tax rate.
The aim of sales tax is to help the clan collect revenue for the clan account
and any gold collected in this way is automatically deposited.  The overlord
can set the clan's sales tax at any rate from 0-85%.

Clan sales tax is taken out of the gold transferred to a player when
that player sells something to another player (by running a 'shop') or
a mobile (through 'sell').

Fastjack's shop sells a Turf Token at a list price of 100 to RandomTurfer.
RandomTurfer loses 100 coins and gains a Turf Token, Fastjack has a clan
sales tax of 10% so his clan gets 10 coins, Turf gets 15 coins (15% sales
tax - see help shop), and poor Fastjack gets only 75 coins.  Had Fastjack
sold directly to a mobile shopkeeper using the 'sell' command then he would
not have paid a 15% Turf sales tax and would have been left with 90 coins
after paying his 10% clan sales tax.

See also: help clans and help shop

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