shopping shops

There are numerous shops around Turf and they tend to buy lots of different
things.  To get a list of the things on sale simply type 'list'.  However
in order to keep screen output to a minimum the shop keepers only display
their most recent purchase of a particular item.

So if you want a better selection of the items then type: 'list \<object\>'.

Once you have made your selection you can buy using the 'buy \<object\>'

However what happens if you want the 3rd shortsword on the 'list shortsword'
entry.  Then type: 'buy 3.shortsword'.

When you want to sell an object simply type: 'sell \<object\>', if the
shopkeeper is not interested in the item then you will be told.

See also: help list, help sell, help buy, help haggle,
          help shop, and help catalogue

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