Syntax: showlist
Syntax: showlist \<name\>

'Showlist' shows the entries in your list.  If \<name\> is provided it will show
only the entry for the player with the name specified.

The entries in order are: Noisy, Ignore, Inform, Grabme, Friend, Bar, Invite,
Beep, Block, Find, Key and NoFriends.

See separate help text on each of these.

An entry under the name 'everyone' will be used for all players who are not
listed.  This is with the exception of the 'friend' category.

The length of your list is limited, and it is recommended that you prune the
entries in it regularly using 'clist'.  If after doing this you still
find your list is too small for your needs then you could consider
approaching a god to request a list extension.

See also: help check

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