Syntax: swap
Syntax: swap \<class\>

'Swap' tells you in which of the five classes you are currently training.

'Swap \<class\>' changes your class in order to allow you to gain levels under 
another class.  This gives you access to a wider range of practicable 
skills and spells.

'Swap' may only be used once per level.

Under this system you have both levels for each class and an overall level.
When in a class you will be able to practice things that are for that class.
If for example you are a level 3 templar, you will get the choice of level 3
spells for templars, even if you are a level 15 warrior.  Your overall level
is the one shown in 'who'.  Your levels for each class are in your 'score'.
It should be noted that upon reaching hero your level for each class will
not increase (unless you are promoted to immortal status).

Your primary stats (str, int, wis, dex, con) do not change when you swap
and you train them in the usual way.  Your other stats (hp, mana, mv) also
remain the same and increase as you gain levels.  Skills and spells available
for practice as well as your stat increases for leveling do change.

If you don't understand the above line then try reading 'help swapping'.

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