This is not the main help text on the swap command, if you want to see that
then type 'help swap'.

Okay so you didn't understand 'help swap', well boys, girls and neuters here is
the story ...

Throughout the early part of his life Horatio learns to be a great warrior,
he learns many of those great warrior skills.  Then one day when he is
a level 20 warrior he decides to turn his hand to the art of magic.  With
this in mind he swaps to being a mage.  So there he is a great hulking
warrior learning a few simple mage spells.  Of course being a warrior he
isn't too great at mage things, well not to start with, he needs to build
up some levels training as a mage.  But hang on a minute, a little level 3
gardener decides to have a go at him, does he shrivel up and die really easily,
well no, he is still the great warrior, even if his spell casting leaves a lot
to be desired.  So of course he doesn't get any points for this easy kill,
after all that would make things too easy.  But when he does build up enough
points he gains a level in the mages class which he is working under, along
with a level for his overall level.

As stated in 'help swap' you do not change in any way by swapping, only what
you can practice changes!  You are still only one person, just like in real

If you learn the piano in your early life, then later become a computer
programmer, that doesn't make you a bad pianist.  Think about it, it makes

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