turf thanks 'turf thanks'

Turf was coded from a Merc2.2 Diku, almost single handedly by Mtf.  Hiero,
Zartid and later Cera undertook to produce a complete new set of area files,
and to rearrange the database, to make Turf a totally unique environment.

Turf Administration would like to thank:

-The people at Merc and Diku for pointing the way.
-The physics department at Oxford University for giving Turf its first free
-The Oxford University Computing Society, for giving Turf its first free disk
-The talkers 'Resort' and 'Foothills', and the MUD 'Island', for some ideas,
    and some points on exactly what NOT to do!
-Impact Media for providing Turf with its second free site and disk space. 
-Cyberplayce for providing Turf with its third free site and disk space.
-Lynxfile Ltd for providing Turf with its first machine.
-Another thanks to Cyberplayce for hosting the Turf.org machine at their
    Cyber Cafe.
-Alasdair Kergon for early help on UNIX coding, particularly with respect
    to the auto-reboots on machine crash/shutdown.
-Charles Wiles, the system administrator of the Physics Department at Oxford
-To the following Turfers for their contributions of rooms and areas for
    Turf.  Thanks everyone for putting in time and effort to enhance the game.
    Spock, Harriman, Anu, Pelopidas, Rick, Herring, Ishamael, Jade, Leviathan,
    Gwrach, Titus, Muca, Rigor, Morbid, Zartid, Fastjack, Trillion, Judus,
    Kano, HellSpawn, Nice, BlueVelvet, Plod, Horza, Kano and Guppy.

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