version3.00 3.00

Version 3.00 (01 Jan 2000)
Added character advantages and quirks.
New command 'afk'.
New command 'throw'.
New skill 'retreat'.
New skill 'herbalism'.
New skill 'defuse'.
Multiple-room explosions.
Clan members can steal without learning it.
'Kill' and 'consider' can now be used on clan members.
The 'finger' command now shows the time of your last death.
The 'practise' command can now take a numerical filter argument.
The 'sacrifice' command can now take 'all' or 'all.\<name\>' as an argument.
Now possible to gain xp through exploration (see 'help waypoints').
Bar flags overrule key flags.
Block flags now block notes from the blocked player which are not to 'all'.
Clan members not seen in over a month ignored when replacing overlords.
Spell affects are now sorted in order they will wear off.
Major reduction in CPU usage.
Very high level heroes must work a little harder for xp.
Setting a new record is now announced.
Better protection against flooding the game with connections.
General bug fixes.
More typo corrections.

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