version4.00 4.00

Version 4.00 (27 June 2001)
Added new command 'finance' and a clan shopping finance system.
Added new command 'salestax'.
Added new record for highest level obtained without dying.
'Exile' may now be used on offline players.
The confidence vote now considers a vote of abstain as abstain.
The confidence vote now resets to abstain for those idle 30 days.
Overlords may now demote themselves / resign from their clans.
Overlords now have a 14 day grace period following appointment.
Player killing is restricted to those within eight levels of each other.
Now possible to gain xp during pk if a player flees or retreats.
'Estimate' and 'value' now support 'all' / 'all.' notation.
'Friend' flagged persons now have precedence in ambiguous abbreviations for
    global and current room searches.
Changed the precedence of special room target 'it'.
Replaced the old socials system for mobile reactions.
Added 'note' extension 'forward' for note forwarding - see help notes2.
Added 'unmakeclan' for online clan dissolution.
'Slotfod' now accepts names as well as slot numbers.
Added new command 'vacation' to allow players limited tax relief.
Minor change to clan scoring, see 'help clan scoring'.
Rewrote parts of the Turf Data System.
Added new area 'Beneath the Sea'.
Added some of the Turf Mini Area Competition locations.
Many more typo fixes and bug fixes.

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