version4.10 4.10

Version 4.10 (7 December 2001)
Added command 'affects'.
Added command 'shop markup'.
Added config option 'norecall'.
Movement over seas during gales is now possible.
Clan membership petitions 28 days old are automatically accepted.
Greatly improved cauldron system with more varied results.
Much improved shopkeeping.
New login messages for clan members.
New area 'Summer Holiday' by Hiero.
New area 'Army Life' by Atlas.
New area 'Rensythe Valley' by Trillion.
Extensions to area 'Stargate' by BlueVelvet.
New clan locations for Boot.
Added clan locations for TKBoom.
New Turf train service.
New title screen by Nog.
Many internal improvements and bug fixes.
Lots of typos removed.

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