vote voting

Syntax: vote
Syntax: vote \<issue\> [yes|abstain|no]
Syntax: vote \<issue\> \<choice\>

The vote command allows Turf members to vote on certain topics.  Typing
'vote' with no arguments will show a listing of issues that you may
currently vote on.

Valid positions for a vote are 'yes', 'abstain' and 'no' for most votes,
see individual help topics for any special choices.

Your vote remains valid as long as you are seen at least once every 30

Votes on player killing and player stealing are slightly weighted
according to the player's rank within the clan.  Votes of no confidence or
to elect a new overlord are based on the one player one vote principle.

Note that all clan members must have been members of their clan for three
days before they will be allowed to vote.

See also: help vote pk, help vote stealing, help vote confidence
          and help vote elect

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