Syntax: wimpy
Syntax: wimpy \<number\>
Syntax: wimpy \<number\>%

'Wimpy' sets your wimpy value.  When your character takes damage that reduces
your hit points below your wimpy value, you will automatically attempt to flee.
This value may be set with an exact number, or by percentage.

'Wimpy' with no argument sets your wimpy value to 20% of your maximum hit

Please note: The wimpy fleeing will only work if you have no 'backlog' of 
commands.  If you build up a large backlog of commands, eg. typed in many 
kicks, cast, zaps, etc., or if you are being tripped by your opponents, 
the wimpy will fail, giving a message.

Some monsters are wimpy.

See also: help combat, help flee and help retreat

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