experience level xp

Your character advances in power by gaining experience.  You need 1000
experience points for each level of experience.

You gain experience by:

    being part of a group that kills a monster
    completing a valid quest for your level
    finding a waypoint through exploration of the game

You lose experience by:

    fleeing from combat
    recalling out of combat
    being the target of certain spells

The experience you get from a kill depends on several things: how many players
are in your group; your level versus the level of the monster; your alignment
versus the monster's alignment; how many of this monster have been killed
lately; and some random variation.  If you are getting low experience for
killing a monster then go find a different monster to kill, or even a different
area to kill in.  Experience is always out there.  When monsters are killed
their experience value goes down, but simultaneously the experience for
killing other monsters increases.  It is impossible for there to be no
experience, however experience in your favourite areas might be poor if
they are heavily used, but other areas will have good experience to reflect
that.  Reboots do not increase the experience on offer.

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